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Pro Botanix Volume Essence Shampoo with Green Apple Extract, Get Bouncy, Fuller and Thicker Hair

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Get fuller, thicker locks with the strengthening essence of green apple!

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    Dermatologically tested
    Paraben free
    No artificial colorants
    Cruelty free


    How will using this volume essence shampoo help my hair?

    Regular use of this volume essence shampoo will transform the volume of your hair, making it denser and stronger. Abundant in many growth-supporting ingredients such as green apple extract and wheat protein, this shampoo not only moisturizes your hair, but also maintain's the scalp's pH levels, leaving you with thicker, fuller locks.

    What are the key ingredients in this volume essence shampoo?

    The key ingredients in this volume essence shampoo include green apple extract that helps to strengthen hair follicles and replenish lost moisture in the hair, preventing breakage and promoting hair growth, and wheat protein that helps to restore cystine in the hair and prevents the penetration of harmful UV radiation that diminishes the hair's protein content. It also contains vitamin D that nourishes hair follicles, diminishing hair fall and promoting hair growth, as well as isohexadecane that soothes the scalp and makes hair more silky, adding bounce and shine.

    How often can I use this volume essence shampoo?

    For best results, use this volume essence shampoo 2-3 times a week, following it up with a conditioner each time.

    I have coloured hair. Can I use this volume essence shampoo?

    Yes, in fact this volume essence shampoo is specially formulated to be safe for chemically treated hair, including coloured hair. It boosts hair volume, moisturizes the hair and prevents stripping of hair colour.

    Q. Which conditioner should I use after using this volume essence shampoo?

    On days you are using both shampoo and conditioner, we recommend using the Raaga Professional Pro Botanix Volume Essence Conditioner with Green Apple Extract, after using this volume essence shampoo, for best results.