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Pro Botanix Colour Protect Conditioner, With Sunflower Oil, Helps Protect and Preserve Hair Colour | 100 ml/1000 ml

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Condition your locks with the moisturizing power of sunflower oil, while it seals in lasting colour!
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Dermatologically tested
Paraben free
No artificial colorants
Cruelty free

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Will this colour protect conditioner preserve my hair colour?

Yes, this colour protect conditioner is specially formulated with sunflower oil to protect and nourish colour treated hair. It intensely hydrates your hair, while helping to treat free radical damage caused by colouring, by stimulating blood circulation in the scalp, preventing breakage and promoting hair growth, leaving your coloured hair soft and shiny.

What is the key ingredient in this colour protect conditioner?

The key ingredient in this colour protect conditioner is sunflower oil, that is known for its natural ability to protect colour treated hair, as it is rich in actives such as vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids such as oleic acid and linoleic acid. These not only deeply moisturize your hair and lock in the moisture, they also help treat damage caused by hair colouring, prevent it from drying out, and protect against breakage, preserving colour for longer and giving you soft, radiant locks.

How often can I use this colour protect conditioner?

You can use this colour protect conditioner daily after shampooing your hair. It can be used even on days when you do not use shampoo.

Can I use this colour protect conditioner as leave-in conditioner?

No, this colour protect conditioner is to be massaged into your hair from the roots to the tips, and left on for 2 minutes. Thereafter, it is to be thoroughly rinsed without leaving any residue.

Which shampoo should I use before using this colour protect conditioner?

On days you are using both shampoo and conditioner, we recommend using the Raaga Professional Pro Botanix Colour Protect Shampoo with Sunflower Oil, before using this colour protect conditioner, for best results.