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Pro Botanix Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner, With Rosemary Oil, Prevents Hair Breakage, Imparts Hair Growth, For Men and Women | 100 ml/1000 ml

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Indulge in the nurturing goodness of rosemary oil, conditioning from root to tip!

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    Dermatologically tested
    Paraben free
    No artificial colorants


    Will this anti-hair fall conditioner actually reduce my hair fall?

    Yes, this anti-hair fall conditioner effectively addresses hair fall concerns, by improving blood circulation in the hair follicles, thus reducing hair breakage. The stimulating presence of rosemary oil helps in it promotes cellular turnover in hair and removes dirt, build up and flakes from the scalp and hair. This boosts hair growth, giving you strong, healthy hair.

    What is the key ingredient in this anti-hair fall conditioner?

    The key ingredient in this anti-hair fall conditioner is rosemary oil. Packed with healing and strengthening properties, it protects hair against damage and prevents hairfall. It also helps stimulate cellular turnover in hair, repairs hair tissue and unclogs hair follicles, removing dirt, build up and flakes. This improves overall hair quality, giving you thick, shiny locks.

    How often can I use this anti-hair fall conditioner?

    You can use this anti-hair fall conditioner daily after shampooing your hair. It can be used even on days when you do not use shampoo.

    Can I use this anti-hair fall conditioner as leave-in conditioner?

    No, this anti-hair fall conditioner is to be massaged into your hair from the roots to the tips, and left on for 2 minutes. Thereafter, it is to be thoroughly rinsed without leaving any residue.

    Which shampoo should I use before using this anti-hair fall conditioner?

    On days you are using both shampoo and conditioner, we recommend using the Raaga Professional Pro Botanix Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo with Rosemary Oil, before using this anti-hair fall conditioner, for best results.