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Raaga Professional Pro 10 Express 12% Cream Developer, 40 Vol | 500 ml/1000 ml

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Revel in brilliantly bold colours with this dream developer!
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How will using this colour developer help my hair?

Incorporating a colour developer in your hair colouring routine helps to better lock the colour into the hair shaft, by activating the colour pigment and lifting the cuticle layers, allowing the pigment to penetrate the hair shaft. This ensures longer lasting colour, with better coverage and uniformity, giving your hair the best shape and shade.

How often can I use this colour developer?

For best results, we recommend using this colour developer along with hair colour, each time you colour your hair.

Will using this colour developer damage my hair?

No, using a colour developer does not damage your hair as long as you pick the right strength for your hair type. If the colour developer is too strong, there is a possibility of lifting the cuticle to the extent of damaging it. You may select the strength of the developer as per your needs. We provide them in size variants of 20 ml containing 6% hydrogen peroxide, 30 ml containing 9% hydrogen peroxide and and 40 ml containing 12% hydrogen peroxide.