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Pro Botanix Anti-Dandruff Conditioner with Tea Tree Oil, Reduces Itchiness and Flaking | 100 ml/1000 ml

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A super conditioning formula with tea tree oil, that melts away the dandruff!

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    How will using this anti-dandruff conditioner help my hair?

    Using this anti-dandruff conditioner as part of your anti-dandruff routine helps soothe the scalp and combats itching, dryness and flaking. This not only helps keep dandruff at bay, but promotes fuller hair volume, prevents hair loss and gives you thicker, healthier hair.

    What are the key ingredients in this anti-dandruff conditioner?

    There are 2 key ingredients in this anti-dandruff conditioner - tea tree oil with its potent antibacterial and purifying properties, that helps remove excess oil, build up and dead skin from your scalp, and unclogs pores, leaving you with strong, fuller-looking locks. It also contains green apple which is a powerful hydrator that prevents hair from drying out, fighting dandruff and itchiness, boosting hair growth and combatting hair loss.

    How often can I use this anti-dandruff conditioner?

    You can use this anti-dandruff conditioner daily after shampooing your hair. It can be used even on days when you do not use shampoo.

    Which shampoo should I use before using this anti-dandruff conditioner?

    On days you are using both shampoo and conditioner, we recommend using the Raaga Professional Pro Botanix Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil, before using this anti-dandruff conditioner, for best results.

    I have dry hair. Can I use this anti-dandruff conditioner?

    No, this anti-dandruff conditioner is specially designed to work best on oily hair as it pulls away excess oil, build up and dead skin from the scalp, fighting dandruff and keeping it refreshed and clean.

    Can this anti-dandruff conditioner be used only by women?

    No, this anti-dandruff conditioner can be used by anyone having oily hair, including men.