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Pre Wax Gel with Lemon for Efficient Wax Treatment | 250 ml

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Transform your waxing experience by prepping your skin with this calming, lemon-rich pre wax gel!
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Dermatologically tested
Cruelty-free/not tested on animals


How does using this pre wax gel help my skin?

Using the Raaga Professional Pre Wax Gel is an essential step before waxing your skin, as it removes all the dirt, dead cells and build up from the skin, and unclogs pores, making sure the skin is prepared for waxing. This avoids uneven hair removal and prevents skin irritation and redness post waxing, making it a smooth and painless hair removal.

What are the key ingredients in this pre wax gel?

The key ingredients in this pre wax gel are lemon and cocoa butter. The antibacterial and exfoliating properties of lemon gently remove bacteria and dead cells from the skin, while its brightening properties fade dark spots, leaving it soft and clean. The moisturizing properties of cocoa butter deeply nourish and soften the skin by locking in the moisture, making sure it is plump and fully prepped for a smooth and efficient waxing process.

When can I use this pre wax gel?

This pre wax gel can be used not only to prep your skin before waxing it, but also to soften and soothe cracked heels and palms.

What should I apply to my skin post waxing?

After completing the waxing process using the Raaga Professional Liposoluble Body Wax, we recommend using the Raaga Professional Post Wax Oil to remove any residual wax on your skin, leaving it clean and smooth.

I have dry skin. Can I use this pre wax gel?

Yes, the Raaga Professional Pre Wax Gel is suitable for all skin types. In fact, it works specially well for dry skin, as the nourishing goodness of cocoa butter deeply moisturizes it, making it smooth and plump. This helps perfectly prepare the skin for better adhesion of the wax and a smoother hair removal process.