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Detan Liposoluble Body Wax for Smooth Hair Removal - Kojic & Milk | 800 ml

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Revel in detanned, hair-free skin with the nourishing duo of kojic and milk!
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Dermatologically tested
100% natural ingredients
Peroxide free
Sulphate free
Colophony free
Cruelty free


How does the kojic and milk in this detan body wax help my skin?

The kojic in this detan body wax acts as a skin exfoliant, gently removing ingrown hair, without any pain and redness. It also works to fade tan and sun damage, while the milk in this detan body wax nourishes and soothes the skin, leaving it soft and healthy.

What is the benefit of using this detan body wax?

Regular use of this detan body wax not only gives you smooth, hair-free skin, it also gently peels away tan, other forms of sun damage and build up such as impurities and dead skin cells, that get accumulated on the topmost layer of your skin. Since milk is naturally nourishing, while kojic acid brightens skin and removes ingrown hair, the skin is left soft, smooth and healthy after every use.

What should I apply on my skin after using this body wax?

After completing the waxing process using this detan body wax, follow it up with the Raaga Professional Post Wax Oil, that will soothe and calm skin and also help remove any residual wax left on it.

Is it safe to use this detan body wax on my face or bikini area?

No, this body wax is not suitable for use on your face or bikini area. It is most suitable for use on your arms, legs, underarms and body.